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eye tracking

In conjunction with Dr Ben Tatler of the University of Dundee School of Phsycology (Visual Perception Lab) the 'designs for life' project began a series of eye tracking experiments. These began in July 2007 and focused on the series of project prints produced to date. The target groups were categorised as 1. Artists, 2. Scientists, 3. Neither Artists nor Scientists and 4. Children but subsequently attention has focused on groups 1. and 2.

The intention is to determine differences and similarities in the reading patterns of these groups over set periods of time. The images are all based on the data from the laboratories and therefore contain a variety of information, though some of this is abstracted through process. Does the artist and scientist read the image diferently due to prior knowledge and training or similarly as a composition regardless of data contained.

The resulting 'patterns' are being processed in to visual charts to be exhibited as part of the exhibition in February.