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production overview

The process of image production is the central theme of this project.  What is the origin of contemporary bio-data? How much is visual and how are such images processed and introduced to the public domain? How is the visual considered?

This transparent development of laboratory data into image outcomes will reveal aspects of both the physical and intellectual process and provide documentary material for comparison and discussion.

At a time when there is much interest in the potential of ‘sci-art projects’ this event will also provide an opportunity to engage with the process of cross-disciplinary collaboration, bringing together skills, knowledge and experience from these generally distinct practices and cultures.

Each scientist will work in the VRC publishing facility towards the development of resolved images based on their own research practice. Relocating on selected days into the arts context of print publishing from the laboratory to work with Paul Harrison and VRC staff.

Scheduled public open days are an invitation to visit the project in action at the VRC and speak with participants and staff on aspects of the activity.


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